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melissa averinos

January 11, 2008 

A friend of mine always comments on how I only show the feet of the pets.


This is Riley. Isn't she super cute? Ri-Ri. Riley Roo.
Or simply The Roo, as in, "The Roo is humping your pillow again." 

I never had a girl dog before. I didn't know they humped.

Look at her giant paws!

She is such a love. That's one of the new pillows I whipped up the first day I got my new machine.

Here is another:

100% unhumped.

The windows are so bare because I took down the curtains with the intention of making some new ones to brighten up the living room. That has not happened yet. I've been busy, you know.

Tomorrow I head off-Cape for one of my monthly two-day yoga training intensives. For those of you that are new to yummygoods, I am in month two of a 6-month yoga teacher training. ( We have class every week on Tuesday nights and these monthly two-day workshops.)  I have homework that I have had a month or more to complete. Have I done it? Of course not, that's what tonight is for. 

I have been practicing yoga on and off for many years, but I have never been able to get myself on a regular schedule of doing it at home.  I really want to develop a home practice, so a few weeks ago  I designated a space in my house specifically for it. Forthe time being anyways. Things are always in flux around here.

This is a corner of a room that will eventually be our bedroom. Presently, it is part office, part storage and now, part yoga space. This is the only room that was "done" when we bought the house. Unfortunately, I don't really love the walls, so we will redo this room as we have with all the others.

Yard sale-d garden table ( that's what I call it anyways) $5.  Estate sale lamp, one of a pair for $30. The mirror in the previous photo is one that we found in our old house when we moved in. I love it.

Thor. His whole body, not just his feet, you'll notice. My honey found him outside of where we work when he was tiny enough to hide by cupping my hands around him. I really wish I had taken pictures then!

I have practiced yoga in this space exactly once, the night I took these pictures.

I'll get it, eventually. I'm in no rush.

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