102: toybox and some backstory

melissa averinos

January 1, 2008
About a month ago, I got a big box of toys at a yard sale. I was originally pawing through the box pulling out the toys I wanted, but it was freezing and the guy said to just take to whole box for five bucks, so I did. I had already found this:

and a few other things which made it worth the five bucks already, plus I didn't have to stand there going through the whole box in the freezing cold.

I love this duck!

A little sampling:
All those primary colors! Whenever I see yellow and red together, I always think 'mustard and ketchup'.
Cute wooden animals. Those are what I was looking through the box for after I found the duck.
Guess who had to show up and knock them all over like so many dominos ?

But he's so handsome and fluffy. I have a hard time being mad about it. Plus, what would my photography be without little cat feet?

So, perhaps you have noticed that I am stalling a bit? Please forgive me. Every time I sit down to write about 2007, I just feel overhwelmed! I suppose I ought to start somewhere.. Maybe instead of just doing it all in one post ( which is daunting)  , maybe I will just do a little at a time? To be honest, once I finally get it out it will probably amount to a couple of paragraphs at most! It's just a mental block. I'm such a silly ninnymuggins.

Ok, just going to jump in then.

2007 came in with a whimper.
My whimper. 

I had made whole bunch of design submissions in the fall, and January brought rejection after rejection. Literally, a rejection every week for the first 5 or 6 weeks of 2007.

One submission was to a paper company- cards, wrapping paper and such. I had spent quite a lot of time on it and I was sure some of it would be accepted. It wasn't.

Another rejection came from a company that had originally liked one of my tabletop lines and wanted me to develop the line further before making a decision. 'Tabletop' , as an industry, refers to anything 'on top of the table' like dinnerware, serveware, cutlery, glassware, and linens. ( that is my understanding anyways, if anyone has a better description- please let me know) In my case, it was ceramic halloween themed little snack plates and serving platters. I really enjoyed working on the line and put so much into it. I was shocked when they passed, especially since I had made it through the first round of submissions. Ugh. Is this starting to sound familiar?

I was disappointed, disenchanted. Dissed all around. 

I am so relieved that 2008 is starting off better than 2007. Next time I'll fill you in some more about how that happened!

In the meantime, here are some more goodies from the toybox:

And because I am just the right amount of crazy, I sat there for 45 minutes playing around with all these odd toy bits:

This one is my favorite:


Bye for now. 


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